Speaking English for Non-Native Speakers

Learn to speak better conversational english nowAre you a non-native English speaker, who struggles with the confidence to speak English with native speakers? I’m sure you’re not as “bad” as you think you are, and just in case – you’re in the right place. I will complete my TESOL certification in Summer, 2019.

If you need to brush up on your English speaking skills, we can have one-on-one conversations through various methods until your confidence in speaking English and understanding subtle nuances, inflections, and slang has made YOU the community expert ins speaking English.

Learn to speak like a Native English speaker in very little time, and at your convenience. Just fill out the form below, so we can get started right away*.

Cost: 40-minute sessions – dependent upon need – will include 10 minutes total for tardiness and small talk. Introductory 15-minute session/consultation free.

*Please note that if you are not located in North America, we may need to schedule our interactions outside of normal business hours.

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Speaking English for Non-Native Speakers

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