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I know, I know! You’re looking for the best, and wouldn’t ya know? You’ve found her! I know you’re asking yourself what kinds of things you can hire me for, and this is where we begin that journey.

As you might have guessed from my front page, I am a writer both for play and for pay, as well as performing many other ad hoc services. Below is the list of what you can hire me for.

Solutions Engineering <– this is my favorite thing to do!

I am a results-driven professional, dedicated to creating processes that reduce redundancy and increase efficiency, thereby inflating your bottom line. If you feel like you don’t have enough hours in each day, you do. I help you find ways to streamline your life, your workflow, and your business. Let’s chat about how to build more time into your schedule.

Writing and Editing

I specialize in writing and editing for non-native English speakers, and also am available to help anyone on the planet who needs it, whether you speak English or not. I have the resources to help.

Click here for my price sheet.

Items I Edit

      • Resumes, CVs & Cover Letters
      • Bios
      • User Manuals
      • Speeches
      • Business Plans
      • Web Content
      • Correspondence
      • Advertising Collateral
      • Books
      • Articles for Academia
      • TEFL/TOEFL/ESL Practice Papers & Assignments
      • Screenplays & Treatments
      • Legal Documents

WordPress & Social Media Classes

Are you new to WordPress or Social Media? Maybe you’re experienced, but you still have unanswered questions. Have you read a few tips online, but nothing you try seems to work for you? Get ahold of me, and I’ll tailor a class to fit your specific needs.

No matter what you might read, WordPress and Social Media aren’t One Size Fits All. It’s high time you invested in yourself and your business, and took a class tailored to fit YOU. Together, we will choose from an array of topics and how-tos that are guaranteed to increase your online interactions because they revolve around the most important thing in online interactions: creating and cultivating relationships.

Speaking English Coaching & Conversation for Non-Native Speakers

If you’re a non-native English speaker, click here (or on the headline above) to be taken to the information page. Let’s get started on increasing your skills today!

Culinary Coaching

I know, you’re hungry, and you’re not exactly sure how to boil water. Or maybe you want to hold a dinner party to impress your new friends, but you have no idea how to spatchcock or what the heck is a ham hock, anyway?! Well, you’re in a huge pile of luck there: not only is cooking my favorite way to spend my extra time, I’ve been cooking and writing about it for 20+ years. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you can Skype, Zoom, or WhatsApp me into your kitchen to give you real-time help.

Poke here to contact me and tell me what you need.
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