About Me

What My Resume Says I Do

I am a focused and results-oriented professional, flexible problem solver, and diplomatic leader with demonstrable ability to transcend differences and effectively manage the tasks at hand. I’m an expert in cultivating and maintaining high-level, confidential relationships and detailed communication procedures. I have a proven track record of creating processes that reduce redundancy, improve accuracy, and achieve organizational objectives.  I often operate with a keen sense of urgency, and thrive in a fast-paced setting.

What I Really Do

I do (and have done) so many things,  you would think I’ve already lived a thousand lifetimes. As your average Multipotentialite*, I have found myriad ways to monetize my somewhat-fluid collection of passions. During my employable adult years, I have both chased and cultivated hundreds of dreams, and coached several others to achieve theirs. I don’t believe that everyone is cut out to do just one thing, and that getting restless from staying in any one place for a period of time isn’t a sign that you’re weak, stupid, or flaky. I know how it feels to need to do more than one thing that lights you up. Because of that, I offer expert skills in:

  • Culinary & Creativity Coaching
  • WordPress Instruction
  • Social Media & Marketing Strategy
  • Public Speaking
  • English Editing & Conversation – specializing in non-native English speakers
  • Problem Solving

And I have a full line of products I create, self-paced classes, and own an Amazon Store.

Street Cred

I co-host a show on YouTube called Terra & Ted Talk. My friend Ted Bauer (The Context of Things) and I discuss everything that’s wrong (and some things right) about Corporate America, and how that intertwines with daily life. I also vlog at least weekly here: Terra’s Channel.

  • Board Member, ViJIEN Enterprises Corporation – 2017 to 2019
  • Angel Flight West (2009 – 2017) – Wing Media Coordinator (CO/AZ), Colorado Wing Leadership Team & Presidential Candidate
  • Crested Butte Film Festival (2015) – Social Media/Street Team Coordinator
  • Arizona Avengers (2010 – 2012) – Communications Officer
  • Phoenix Comicon (2009 – 2014) – Marketing Assistant, Street Team Leader, Media-Guest Relations Liaison, Sound & Stage Engineering Specialist
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* A Multipotentialite is a modern word for Renaissance Gal – someone with many pursuits and passions. Term coined by Emilie Wapnick at PuttyLike.com.